Changing the Way Things Are Done Around Here, re: Jobs.

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Changing the Way Things Are Done Around Here, re: Jobs.

Post by Mother Nature on Mon Aug 17, 2015 7:52 pm

Hi, everyone!

I'd like to make an announcement about the way I'm changing jobs (a little bit) to reduce my workload (haha).

When you create a job, you are submitting yourself to become the boss of that job, meaning you'll manage all materials.
It's not really much work at all. It's just... work that will eventually build up to become overwhelming for a single person (me) to manage.

Here's an example:
anidude just started a job knapping stones to create axeheads. In some other jobs I've handled cases of uneven distribution myself but I'm now delegating that task to the job bosses.

Here's how it will work from now on:
"Every 3:
Consume 10 stones to produce 2 decent axeheads, and 2 extremely poor axeheads."
Every 3 posts, it's up to the job boss to manage all of this.
If you're the boss, you need to personally have 10 stones (so, the other players will need to give them to you in their work posts).
Then the axeheads go directly into your inventory. If you want to distribute them fairly, do so as you see fit. I suggest you edit your starting post to describe how you're going to distribute what's created! (e.g. "I'll distribute the axeheads randomly" or "I'll hold onto all the axeheads until they're needed by the community")

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